Traveling by car to Paris.

Traveling by car to Paris. Traveling by car to Paris. Traveling by car to Paris. Traveling by car to Paris. Traveling by car to Paris. Traveling by car to Paris.

I want to share my impressions.
A trip to a major city by car, especially a large one, in order to live for a few days and visit some attractions, requires preparation. As always, our daughter Kate is the main one on this issue. From the moment we start planning, everyone’s mood rises. We begin to study maps, read about various interesting places where we would like to visit. Kate uses Google maps to view possible Parking spots for the car. Just in case, it was decided to arrive in Paris late in the evening or at night, to avoid traffic jams, and to make it easier to find Parking for the car. We were not mistaken. In the evening and at night, it is really not difficult to move around such a large city.
In Paris, we stayed 2 nights and both nights we spent the night in free Parking lots, more precisely, the car was there during the day. Getting around in Paris is very convenient and inexpensive using the metro. The ticket costs of 1.9€. The first evening we walked around the Eiffel tower. In the evening, it looks very impressive with lighting. In the afternoon we walked around Paris. But on the second day, a visit to Disneyland was planned.
I never thought that Disneyland could impress an adult so much. Even small children forget that they can cry, apparently everything is so interesting that you forget about everything. Performances, costumes, everything is very beautiful. Unfortunately, there are long queues for rides and you can’t get to all of them in one day. But you can just take a walk, see the performances, the costumes are very impressive, and of course, in the evening, a light show, fireworks. I’ve never seen anything like it before.
I will try to post a video of this show on YouTube.
In General, I want to say that you should definitely visit Disneyland and it is interesting at any age.
If someone is interested, I can tell you about the Parking lot where we stayed.
I wish you all interesting trips!

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