Electric yacht.

Electric yacht. Electric yacht. Electric yacht.
Pets: Not Allowed

I am looking for companions. It remains to complete the cosmetic work (paint, clean up) and the yacht is ready to go. You can watch the video of how the yacht was tested at the link: https://youtu.be/7TbinKydlc0
The test took place on the Rhine River. The current is quite strong at about 5-6 km / h. The yacht was tied to the pier and the task was to stay in place against the tide. The yacht was greatly facilitated by cutting off part of the keel (approximately 1000 kg.) and dismantling the diesel engine (approximately 550 kg.). For about two hours (as agreed with the crane), the yacht calmly kept at almost the lowest speed. I am very pleased with the tests. The video shows that the yacht glides very easily on the water and practically does not create waves.
I’m looking for companions, because according to the results of the test, more ideas appeared, well, and the most important thing is that the yacht does not stand in the harbor but go (travel). Since there is no way to constantly be on the yacht. So the idea came up to find partners to change, etc.

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