How it all started

For a long time, we had the idea to create a website that would bring together travel enthusiasts from all corners of our beautiful planet. And initially we wanted to call our site “club for travelers”. But the word “Club” may mean something closed for some, and in the end we decided to call our site “Ads for travelers”.

In fact, we would like to bring together those who like to travel here. It’s great when you can share interesting information with people who are close in spirit, can tell you about the places where you live and it’s really worth visiting… It is possible to find a company, ask questions to those who have already visited these places and have interesting information… Team up for some interesting projects… So, Yes… our site is not only an ad site, but also a site for communication.

If you are in a good mood, bright impressions of the trip, go to the Blog section to share your mood and publications… If you have a bad mood go to the site to raise it… Come in just to dream, to chat…


– Do you like to travel and do not have time to return from one trip and already dream about the next?

– Maybe you want to share your impressions and information? Maybe you want to learn about how others travel to take this into account in your future plans?

– Do you mind finding a company? Perhaps you have an interesting project and are looking for like-minded people? Do you want to find friends?

– Or do you have a real estate, yacht, car, etc. and you want to rent them out?

– Or do you dream of buying real estate and opening a business in some exotic country?

– Are you looking for a job while traveling?

– Are you a resort business owner… or are you just looking for employees who can work remotely and are willing to offer a job?

– You just don’t like to sit in one place and want to make your life interesting?

Then this site is really for you!

Why it makes sense to place ads and publications on

– It is very easy to place ads with us, just a few clicks. Why not?

– Currently, you can place an unlimited number of ads for free. Only additional advertising of your ad is paid for.

– The more websites you use to place your ads, the more people will see them.

– We will optimize our site for search engines and promote it in social networks.

How does our site work?

It’s very simple. We tried to make sure that there was nothing superfluous. Any user can view all categories.

In order to place information on the site, you need to pass a very simple and free registration. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage your publications later. After that, click the add ad button in the upper-right corner and in a few clicks you can select any category and add your information to it. No matter what language you write in, everyone will understand you.

In the General interest, we would like the information on our site to be interesting and easy to find. And we would like your ads to be something special and different from the standard ones, so that they attract attention and contain interesting information, not just numbers.

For example:

  • In addition to the photos inside, you can add photos of what your object looks like from the outside. It is very good if there is a photo of a nearby store, cafe, just the street… So that people viewing your ad can imagine the situation around them. Especially if your object is not located in very famous places.
  • You may be able to describe something interesting in a post or ad that might interest others (attractions, outdoor activities, etc.).

We hope that over time we will make a more specific form or hint for ads, but our site is just starting to work and there are still very few ads on it. However, we hope that you will like our idea. And we really hope for feedback to make this site really interesting and useful.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to answer them. Please write to us:

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